In John chapter 5 we are given an insight into Jesus’ modus operandi, the basis of his ministry: “I tell
Going Slow “Slow down, you move too fast…” sang Simon and Garfunkel rather a long time ago. The Spirit has
Our blog this month  is written by Cassi Frank, who is part of the Accessible Prophecy US team.   Ever
Where have you met Jesus today? I hope you have at least one special place where you find it easy
What does a listening church look like? How can we hear God together for our churches? God loves every local
Children ask the best questions. One that is famous in our family was asked by my then 3-year old daughter:
In February I was fortunate to have a weekend in the beautiful city of Lisbon (celebrating a big birthday!) and
In this month’s blog, our intern Lucy is sharing a testimony of how daily seeking God for vision and encouragement
I'd suspected it was happening, but confirmation came - clearly and unambiguously - through the words of a trusted friend
This month's blog is written by Cassi Frank, who lives in Northern Kentucky and is part of the Accessible Prophecy