In a recent series of blogs we have been exploring the ‘prophetic process’ and considering how hearing God’s voice is
“OK, so what exactly do you mean by that?” Have you ever said that to God? I’m doing a series
When did you last hear God speak to you? What did his voice sound like? Was it like the sound
I’m the sort of person who loves getting to the bottom of things. I enjoy unpacking concepts and ideas and
What do present-day prophets bring to the table? What’s their unique job description? A problem we want to avoid in
Not many people are that comfortable going around calling themselves a ‘prophet’. It’s not how I would introduce myself to
What does it mean to be a prophetic church, a prophetic body of people? To fully answer this question we
Jesus’ vision for his church is a beautiful thing. A body of people from every imaginable background, tribe, and walk
The world of prophecy is a wonderful yet challenging one – so many mountaintop experiences, so many pitfalls to avoid.
So, when did you last talk openly about the things God is saying to you? If you started to share