Accessible Prophecy UK does what it says on the tin: we aim to
make prophecy accessible to all. We work with both churches and
individuals to help them connect with God’s voice and grow healthy
cultures where both prophecy and prophets are healthy, growing
and a gift to both people and the church.

Recently we have been developing the role of creativity in prophecy
with our successful creative prophetic workshops and accelerators
and are looking to equip people in understanding and activating the
role of the prophetic in the workplace.

Our AP Team in the United Kingdom would love to hear how they can partner with you.

We are passionate about helping people connect with God’s heart
and his voice.

Ceri Harris

“Each time we meet it amazes and delights me how God
interacts with each creative person differently, with poetry,
song lyrics and artwork being created.”

Prophetic Workshop Participant

“Huddle is a relaxed, safe place for me, where I’ve been able
to be open and accountable as I’ve grown in my prophetic
calling. This is my ‘tribe’, where I connect in love, friendship
and joy. I love it!”

3rd year AP Prophetic Huddle Participant


Ceri Harris

Alongside nearly 30 years in local church leadership at Burlington Church,
Ceri leads Accessible Prophecy in the UK. Ceri writes, “Underlying
everything I do is my prophetic gifting. Learning to recognise and gain
confidence in using this gift has been an important part of my journey. I am
delighted now to be leading AP UK helping people and churches develop
their prophetic gift.

Ceri works as a coach seeing the joy and excitement of helping leaders, in
church and business, unlock their potential and see new possibilities that had
previously alluded them.