Prophetic Lifestyle Course

Prophetic Lifestyle Course

God is the great Communicator and he loves speaking to his children. An authentic prophetic lifestyle is available to every follower of Jesus and this course is designed to equip you with the information and skills you need to walk closely with God, hear his voice and respond effectively when he speaks.

Join Cath Livesey as she teaches five in-depth and accessible sessions. The course will help you develop a mature prophetic lifestyle that will deepen your own relationship with God and impact the lives of those around you. It will grow your confidence that you can identify and recognise God’s voice, speak his words of life to people, and grow a healthy prophetic culture in your context.

Session 1: Tuning In

Session 2: The Gift of Prophecy

Session 3: The Prophetic Process

Session 4: Maturity

Session 5: The Prophetic Church

Each session is available online and consists of approx 30 minutes teaching plus a worksheet.

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