Our vision is that churches in Malaysia develop a healthy prophetic culture in which it is normal to hear God and respond to what he has said.

Malaysia Leadership

Jennifer Leong

Jennifer Leong leads Shema Ministry Malaysia alongside being a full-time
marketplace entrepreneur, operating an international education consultancy in
Malaysia, China and the UK. She is deeply passionate about cultivating a culture of
hearing and obeying God through prophetic ministry. Her journey with prophetic
ministry began in 2010 while she was serving as a leader in a local church in
Coventry (UK). In 2020, amidst the challenges of the pandemic, she embarked on a
sabbatical with a simple desire to develop her prophetic gifting which divinely led her
to a call to develop prophetic ministry in Asia. Over the past four years, Jennifer has
recognized the undervalued nature of prophetic ministry in Asia. She has witnessed
the reluctance and misconceptions surrounding prophetic gifts, with many people
believing that they are reserved only for certain individuals. This inspired her to
create the “Shema Discipleship” ministry in Malaysia (part of Accessible Prophecy),
focusing on the core principle of “Hear and Obey.” Her vision is to experience the
manifestation of God’s kingdom on earth through the disciples of Jesus Christ. Her
mission is to empower each disciple to discover their unique calling and purpose,
emphasizing the importance of hearing, obeying, and partnering with the Holy Spirit.
To achieve this, Jennifer and her team conduct taster huddles, engage in praise and
worship and actively participate in street ministry, including treasure hunts. Jennifer
is a vital part of Saints Church KL, and she is enthusiastic about integrating prophetic
ministry into the fabric of the church.