Prophetic Learning Communities

Do you want to see a healthy prophetic culture develop in your church? Join one of our prophetic learning communities!

They have two aims:

1. To develop a relational network of people who have a heart for growing and developing prophetic culture and ministry in their local churches.

2. To train and equip participants with all of the principles, skills, and tools necessary to grow and release this prophetic culture in their context.

Prophetic Learning Communities are composed of church teams from around the country or region who gather once every 6 months for input, encouragement, challenge and goal-setting. They are a great way for any church to intentionally grow and expand prophetic ministry in a supportive environment.

Over a period of two years we focus on 4 different themes:

1. Developing and Growing Prophetic Culture

2. Raising up Prophetic People

3. The Role of Prophetic Ministry in the Local Church

4. Prophecy and Mission

“The biggest fruit from the prophetic learning community for me personally has been to hugely grow in prophecy and to recognise that it’s actually a gift that God has given to me. And then through me and through the prophetic learning community it’s been amazing to see that same growth in other people. At the outset we had no prophetic ministry, and indeed I didn’t even know if there was anybody who was prophetic in my church. Now we have a prophetic ministry team of seven people, who are all really growing in the prophetic and are keen to grow and bless the church.” Nigel Evans, Vicar at Stoke-on-Trent

If you are interested in joining any future Prophetic Learning Communities; looking into hosting a Prophetic Learning Community in your region; or if you would generally like some more information, then please email