Leadership Coaching on Prophetic Culture

Leadership Coaching on Prophetic Culture

A 6-Session Interactive Cohort on how to grow a healthy prophetic culture in your church.

About Leadership Coaching

Prophecy is a vital gift that God has given his people, and we believe that it’s possible for every church to develop a culture where this gift and ministry bear much fruit and have a lasting kingdom impact. As we work with churches around the world we know there is a need for a holistic and biblically-based prophetic ministry that both resources discipleship and empowers mission.

But how do we get there? How do we avoid the hazards and controversy? In this training we’ll be looking at the key building blocks and principles of growing a prophetic culture. We will be sharing many of the lessons learnt as we have trained leaders from many different contexts.

  • Fortnightly cohort gatherings. Cohorts of 4-5 people meet every 2 weeks for 90 minutes via video conference calls for in-depth teaching and training on growing a prophetic culture.
  • Training aimed at leaders. This training is for church leaders and members of church leadership teams. The aim is to equip you with key principles and examples of best practise that can be implemented in your specific context.
  • Price. £150 for the 6 sessions
  • Interested? We’ll be starting a new cohort soon. Please email connect@accessibleprophecy.com to register.

“Cath’s teaching is biblical, clear, and full of practical suggestions for helping your church grow in its to ability hear from God. It is also very helpful to learn alongside & from other churches leaders. I thoroughly recommend this training.”

– Glen Cormack
Pastor, New Life Baptist Church, Northallerton