Accessible Prophecy offers three types of coaching: Coaching Huddles, Leadership Coaching, and coaching on the Prophetic Call to Social Justice.

Coaching Huddles: If you would like to grow personally in your journey of hearing God and using the gift of prophecy we offer in-depth coaching on growing in the prophetic.

Coaching Huddles operate on a fortnightly basis (over one year) and are conducted using web communication tools such as Skype or Google+. They last 75 minutes, have between 4 and 5 participants and are led by one of our experienced coaches. In these calls you will have an opportunity to understand and process key biblical principles of hearing God, as well as learning essential tools for discipleship. In addition you will receive the practical skills to equip you to disciple other people in your context and release them into prophetic ministry.

We are starting some new prophetic huddles soon. If you are interested or would like more information please e-mail

Our FREE TASTER HUDDLES are a great way to see what the huddle experience is like. A one-hour one-off huddle – all welcome! Contact us if you’d like to join in: connect@accessibleprophecy

“The prophetic coaching huddle has been very helpful for me in terms of learning what prophecy is and discovering how God is speaking to me. It was helpful not only for hearing God for other people, but also for myself for encouragement and strengthening. The huddle has drawn me closer to God and I am amazed at how much I’ve grown since it started. It has motivated me to be active in the prophetic and to learn how God is working in the lives of the other participants.” Jeannette

“Doing a huddle has been great! There is such benefit in discussing a variety of aspects of prophecy as well as exploring more about one’s own journey with the prophetic. It has been a joy to meet every fortnight with others from around the world, all with a unique story of how God communes with each of us. It’s a great place to learn, share, be challenged, and helped to grow in the gift; to encourage and be encouraged! I’d recommend this as a safe space to enrich your understanding of how to hear God’s voice as you seek to follow Jesus’ example in everyday life.” Anne

Leadership Coaching on Prophetic Culture: A 6-session interactive cohort-based training intensive on how to grow a healthy prophetic culture in your church, led by Cath Livesey.

Prophecy is a vital gift that God has given His people, and we believe that it’s possible for every church to develop a culture where this gift and ministry bear much fruit and have a lasting kingdom impact. As we work with churches around the world we know there is a need for a holistic and biblically-based prophetic ministry that both resources discipleship and empowers mission.

But how do we get there? How do we avoid the hazards and controversy? In this training we’ll be looking at the key building blocks and principles of growing a prophetic culture. Cath will be sharing  many of the lessons she’s learnt as she’s led the prophetic ministry at St. Thomas’ church in Sheffield over the last 12 years, and as she’s trained leaders from many different contexts.

  • Fortnightly cohort gatherings. Cohorts of 4-5 people meet every 2 weeks for 90 minutes via video conference calls for in-depth teaching and training on growing a prophetic culture.
  • Training aimed at leaders. This training is for church leaders and members of church leadership teams. The aim is to equip you with key principles and examples of best practise that can be implemented in your specific context.
  • Price. £150 for the 6 sessions
  • Interested? We’ll be starting a new cohort soon. Please email to register.

“Cath’s teaching is biblical, clear, and full of practical suggestions for helping your church grow in its to ability hear from God. It is also very helpful to learn alongside & from other churches leaders. I thoroughly recommend this training.” Glen Cormack, Pastor, New Life Baptist Church, Northallerton

The Prophetic Call to Social Justice: A 6-session interactive cohort-based training for everyone interested in pursuing the prophetic call to social justice, led by Cath Livesey.

How can we hear and respond to God about the issues that matter in society? How do we maturely engage with God’s heart for justice and righteousness? How do we create a balanced, holistic prophetic culture that is outward looking and Jesus-shaped?

Jesus calls his church to be a prophetic community, and this means not just a vibrant prophetic ministry within the church but also an imperative to seek God’s heart for the world around us. A prophetic church is one that shares God’s concerns for the poor and oppressed and is prepared to take a stand against injustice.

It’s important to develop and mature the prophetic voices that Jesus has placed in his church, equipping them to be effective agents of transformation. For those of us who identify with the fivefold role of the prophet we need a way of effectively communicating God’s heart for the world and of maturely engaging with the activism that he calls us to.

In this training we look at the principles of a healthy prophetic engagement with social justice. We explore different pathways to connect with God’s heart, and the prophetic process of tuning in, discerning and responding well. We look at how to avoid potential pitfalls, with an emphasis on developing a mature and multipliable ministry and culture.

This training is for anyone interested in exploring the prophetic call to social justice, whether that’s leaders wanting to develop church culture or individuals wanting to go deeper with their personal calling.

  • Fortnightly cohort gatherings Cohorts of 5-6 people meet every 2 weeks for 75 minutes via video conference calls for in-depth teaching and training
  • Price £95 for the 6 sessions
  • Interested? We’ll be starting a new cohort soon. Please email to register.

Catalyse Change also do discipleship coaching, if you would like to find out more about these please go to their website.