AP Canada was birthed in 2021 out of a passion to see people across our vast geography hear the voice of God for themselves, and then grow in confidence so they can share a prophecy with another person. We have each experienced this firsthand and want to pass on that joy and excitement to others.


“Every time we meet, the Lord shows up and gives each member a Bible verse, a picture or an encouraging word. It’s so amazing how accurate they are to each member’s life. I look forward to every huddle!” 

– AP Canada Huddle Participant

“I had been a Christian for almost 40 years before I learned how to actively hear and respond to God’s voice through an Accessible Prophecy huddle. It breathed new life into my spiritual journey and accelerated my growth more effectively than any other workshop, conference, or course I’ve ever participated in. I highly recommend joining an AP huddle to anyone who is interested in reigniting their spiritual spark!”

– AP Canada Huddle Graduate

“I love the Biblically based teaching that leads to a safe culture for the prophetic to thrive. Being able to share God’s heart and encourage, strengthen and comfort His church leads to the building up of His Body. We need this in every church.”

– AP Canada Huddle Graduate

Our Team

Our team is comprised of leaders from the provinces of Nova Scotia and Ontario, and we are actively praying for the ministry to grow with leaders from across the country. 

Our trained coaches offer:

  • the year-long, twice-monthly Prophetic Huddle where participants are discipled in prophecy and coached how to hear and respond to God’s voice for themselves, and for others. 
  • Focus Huddle: 3 huddles held over 3 weeks. This is our newest event. The experience delves deeper on one particular topic; currently the topic is Covenant Identity. 

Sue Demmons

Team Lead of Accessible Prophecy Canada

Sue is an active and long-standing church lay leader. She is an apostle/prophet who loves to see people’s eyes light up when they realize they’ve heard the voice of God. She is a wife, mother and grandmother who loves to be in nature, especially walking or riding her bike in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Our team facilitates events as well:

  • one-off workshops (live or on ZOOM) where participants are introduced to listening exercises and then have the chance to practice in a safe environment.  
  • the 5-week Prophetic Lifestyle Course, where participants view Cath Livesey’s teaching on video and then practice live listening exercises in small groups.This is usually a ZOOM event and often held twice a year.